Assault People are often surprised to learn that they can be charged with assault for even seemingly minor displays of aggression, such as a slap, shove, or verbal threat. In fact, no physical harm is even required for you to be charged with assault. Regardless of the level of assault you have been charged with, [...]

Drug Offences

Drug Offences Being charged with a drug offence in Canada should not be taken lightly. From fines to jail time, to restrictions on your travel, drug offence convictions and punishments can be severe. It's important that you take these charges seriously and understand all your rights and options. Free Consultation Call Us: 1-800-253-2105 Δ 5 [...]

Impaired Driving

DUI & Impaired Driving It is a known fact that driving offences and DUIs can negatively impact every aspect of your life, including your career, home, family, and finances. Especially if the charges are severe. Regardless of the circumstances, you deserve the possibility to defend your rights. At Martin G. Schulz, our goal is to [...]

Criminal Driving

Criminal Driving Lawyers & Traffic Offences In Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta Criminal driving is defined by a set of specific driving behaviours that are considered to be sufficiently dangerous or objectionable to be dealt with under the Canadian Criminal Code.  A conviction for a criminal driving offence can result in a variety of severe penalties, [...]

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes and Defence The punishment for being convicted of a sex crime goes far beyond jail time and fines. You may face social judgment, have difficulty finding a job, be restricted from travel, denied loans, or even have limited access to and visitation with your own children. And many of these punishments could follow [...]

Property Crimes

Property Crime Lawyers Serving Edmonton & Calgary, Alberta Property crime is a broad term that encompasses a wide variety of criminal offences relating to theft or destruction of someone else's property. They can include burglary, robbery, shoplifting, arson, vandalism, and much more. Although property crimes can range from minor shoplifting charges to multi-million-dollar indictable offences, [...]


Theft, Fraud, and Possession of Stolen Property Property offences and fraud are common, and they're taken very seriously by the Crown. Punishments are generally based on the severity of the offence, as well as the value of the property in question. If you have been charged with theft, fraud, or a similar crime, you are [...]

Youth Offences

Youth Criminal Justice When a minor under the age of 18 is charged with a crime, it is handled under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). The purpose of the Act is to explain the law in a way that minors can understand, as well as to provide special rules, guidelines, and procedures throughout the [...]