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    Criminal Lawyers

    No matter whatever the details of the crime you were accused of may be, you deserve fair results and unbiased representation in court.

    When it comes to criminal defence, we give it our all. We come at every case with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the prosecutors’ tactics, the laws associated with your offence, and more. We listen to our clients’ accounts and know how to expertly present a case.

    You need a lawyer who can do it all.

    At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, our highly experienced criminal lawyers will, without judgment, relentlessly and aggressively pursue a fair and unbiased case for you. Our goal is to get you the best outcome possible so that you can move on with your life.

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    Lawyers That Specialize in Criminal Defence Law

    If you’ve been accused of a crime in Canada, we are the experts to go to. Criminal lawyers, also known as criminal defence lawyers, aid in the legal defence of individuals who’ve found themselves on the wrong side of the law. We help with the:
    • Investigation and interviewing of potential witnesses
    • Drafting, filing, and arguing for appeals
    • Negotiation between the Crown or prosecution for a lesser sentence or charge
    • Legal research pertaining to the circumstances of your case
    • Trial and court advocation
    • Case and strategy building for your defence

    A Criminal Defence Lawyer Committed to Your Case

    We represent all manner of criminal charges, including:

    • Driving offences

    • Drug offences

    • Sex crimes

    • Theft, fraud, and possession of stolen property

    • Assault

    • Youth criminal justice

    Time is of the essence in a criminal case, so we must act fast. Our skilled team will immediately begin a review of the claims against you, perform a thorough investigation and legal research, then put together a comprehensive and persuasive case to get you fair and just results.

    The Best Lawyers For Your Proactive Legal Defence & Law Advice in Western Canada

    Regardless of whether you reside within Alberta or British Columbia, our criminal defence lawyers are here to assist you in your criminal case. Martin G. Schulz & Associates is an award-winning law firm with offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. Over the years, our lawyers have dedicated themselves to finding fair and just results for our clients after they’ve been charged with a criminal offence.

    Our lawyers have experience across many sectors of law from civil and human rights advocacy to hybrid common law-civil law jurisdictions. We bring together our various areas of expertise to ensure that your rights are protected in every way possible.

    To learn more about our team of talented and experienced lawyers, be sure to check out our About Us page!

    Consult With A Criminal Lawyer Today

    At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, we know how much a criminal charge can impact the lives of you and everyone you love. We want to reduce the hurt, pain, and stress that often follow criminal trials by walking you through what you can expect during your court proceedings. Our criminal defence lawyers will help you understand what options you may want to pursue and give you sound legal advice.

    We have multiple offices throughout Alberta and British Columbia and would love to offer our services for your criminal defence.

    To book an online or virtual, free, and no-obligation consultation, please contact us at 1-800-253-2105.

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    Criminal Lawyers FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Martin G. Schulz & Associates have been assisting and providing legal advice to clients in the greater Edmonton and Calgary area since 1990. We’ve represented thousands of clients, recovered millions in collective damages, and successfully prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases.

    To ensure that your consultation with the criminal lawyers here at Martin G. Schulz is as productive and informative as possible, we recommend that you bring the following documents:

    • A written statement of your version of events
    • All relevant paperwork and documents given to you by the court or police
    • Any supporting documents, such as medical records, photographs, emails, texts, phone records, etc

    During our initial consultation, the criminal lawyers at Martin G. Schulz & Associates will go through what legal options are available to you and your next steps in the criminal justice process. We also recommend that you bring a list of questions with you so our lawyers will be able to walk you through and relieve any stress or fear you may feel regarding your case.

    If you suspect you may have done something illegal and will be charged with a criminal offense, we recommend calling a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Martin G. Schulz & Associates have advised thousands of clients across Canada and given sound legal advice to individuals questioning their legal situation. If you’ve been charged, we are here to help you with your criminal case.
    Call us for a free consultation at 1 800 253-2105.

    Criminal defence in Alberta
    Alberta criminal lawyers for bails and charges

    Yes! Our highly experienced and expert team of lawyers is here to assist clients in the Edmonton and Calgary area in any way we can. We provide our clients with legal advice and services pertaining to family, business, real estate, personal injury, and immigration law.
    No matter the details, our lawyers will treat you with respect and give you the proper legal representation that you deserve.

    While choosing a lawyer you know by association through a friend or family member’s recommendation, or one you only know by reputation may have some merit, the right lawyer can be the difference in turning your case hearings in your favour. There are many different fields of law and by choosing a lawyer that specializes in defending criminal offences such as roadside sanction violations or assault charges, you guarantee that you will be receiving personalized and expert services for your case.

    Criminal offence lawyers from Martin G. Schulz & Associates advocate for fair results
    Consultation with law group in Edmonton

    No matter where you reside in the Alberta or BC regions, our lawyers are experts in the local laws and criminal courts. By retaining a criminal lawyer for your legal defence and representation, you not only hire an experienced and immovable force to handle your communication with the other party, but you also gain personalized and well-informed legal counsel and advice for your criminal charge.

    In addition, depending on the circumstances surrounding your criminal offence, our team of expert criminal lawyers can even help you get a reduced sentence, have your charge appealed, or even get your charge withdrawn with a thorough investigation. 

    We specialize in drug offences, impaired & criminal driving, assault, sex crimes, property crimes, fraud, and youth offence cases. To learn more about our top-quality criminal defence services, book a consultation with us today!

    In Canada, your criminal record will remain as is for decades on end depending on your criminal charges. While it is possible to have criminal offences removed through record suspensions after demonstrating good behaviour for a set number of years, your life will be drastically impacted the second you find yourself with a criminal offence on your record.

    Regardless of an individual’s criminal history, they may find themselves experiencing the following after they’ve received a criminal record:

    • Difficulties finding employment
    • Inability to apply for citizenships
    • Trouble moving between the Canada/US border
    • Inability to volunteer with certain organizations and nonprofits
    • Struggling to find or gain approval for housing, be it for rental or purchasing mortgages
    • Failure or disqualification from certain educational programs and scholarships
    • Unforeseen challenges during family court and being seen as an “unfit” parent or guardian due to possession of a criminal record
    • Inability to obtain a professional license 
    • And more

    Don’t let one mistake ruin your life. Book a no-obligation consultation with one of our criminal lawyers today to take the steps you need to keep your future secured and on the right path.

    Martin G. Schulz & Associates specialize in assault law
    Alberta criminal lawyers from Martin G. Schulz & Associates can help you appeal
    Edmonton lawyers can assist those with criminal records

    We strongly advise against giving a statement to the police until you’ve consulted with a criminal defence lawyer first. This is because, oftentimes, individuals are requested to provide a statement when they are already under high levels of stress and uncertainty. Any kind of statement given during this time may not adequately describe your version of events or what transpired leading to your charge. In addition, if there are any discrepancies found in your statement, they may be used against you in court.

    By consulting with one of our criminal defence lawyers, you gain the opportunity to collect your nerves and provide a reliable statement to not just the Crown but also to our team of lawyers. We will review all the information provided to us and supply you with a reliable, nonjudgmental, and bias-free opinion on whether or not giving a statement to the police best serves your case in the long run.

    Martin G. Schulz law firm offers services for those facing accusations
    Edmonton criminal lawyers specialized in fraud and crimes

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